Open Source with kCube

Acquisition of proprietary licenses comes with a maintenance fee which is usually overlooked during the initial capital outlay to build a Spatial Analysis Laboratory / group. Hence, majority of customers are using software which is behind by two or more versions from the latest product offerings.




 Backward compatibility is not maintained even with small revisions and hence most of these clients resort to using unlicensed copies. The yearly upgrade and maintenance cycle becomes essential to the users of propreitary software to get access to the the latest technology.


To support users in taking the first step, kCube starts with a requirement document and then a workflow document to understand the client needs. These needs are then translated to a crosswalk from the existing licensing level to model where Open source and proprietary software co-exist to meet their unique requirements.  kCube also provides support contracts to ensure the new workflows are integrated into the processing workflow. Training sessions and on-site are also included at different levels of support contract.


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