DATASteer :Precision Agriculture Management tool for Plantations / Plots

      This tool is customized from QGIS and R. It is suitable for managing plots from a few hectares to large holdings spread across multiple geographics. Add-on modules for linking into multi database systems are also available. DATASteer can be linked to our Geobrowser product for web based analysis and viewing.

EnView :Resource & Change Monitoring

Our EnView product analysis time series data to identify and quantify changes from the normal. Thresholds for defining change are derived with analyst support to generate change maps.


GeoBrowser: Full-fledged solution for Map Viewing & analysis


GeoBrowser product is a customized implementation of Geoserver , Open Layers,PostGIS and PostgresSQL. Options for user editing, data upload and download can be enabled by the users. We also provide further customization on top of the base architecture for specific client requirements.


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