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kCube's goal to raise awareness of Geospatial technology starts with students. Our training programs use Open Source software which allows complete freedom in using available software for solving project needs. Once the students are trained using Open Source Software, there is no need to learn various other propreitary tools which they might encounter in different companies. As they can take software and the tools they have developed with them without any licensing restrictions, they can continue to improve their skills.

This training helps them to be job ready as they get 24/7 access to the tools instead of having to wait for a laboratory session to get access to the computing environment.

We have trained students from the following backgrounds:

  1. Civil Engineering Students
  2. Geography Students
  3. MBA
  4. Economics
  5. Statistics

We also offer internship opportunities at our Bangalore and Chennai office for students.

Download our offering for Colleges and Institutes here.

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