kCube Academy provides educative and professional training in GIS and Remote Sensing. Courses are designed to keep you on top of the rapidly evolving and increasingly technical nature of Geomatics. We offer both classroom and onsite training.

Courses are designed such that each participant gets more than 50% of the time to work with the tools. Lectures are also interactive encouraging the participants to start working with their own data on their own projects. Our course offerings are supported by domain specific data and our in house domain experts are accessible to the participants for their queries.

We offer the following courses individually or as combination depending on needs of the participants.

  1. Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing
  2. Quantum GIS: Basics and Advanced topics
  3. Developing Customized GIS applications using Quantum GIS
  4. GRASS: A tool for advanced analysis
  5. WebGIS using Geoserver
  6. PostGIS: Using Spatial DB for Analysis
  7. WebGIS using MapServer
  8. WebGIS using PHP/MapScript
  9. Introduction to Open Layers
  10. Introduction to Geospatial Libraries

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For schedule, price and additional details, please contact us using the contact form or email us at training [at] kcubeconsulting [dot] com



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